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Air Temperature

Measurements have been on-going since 1993 at multiple sites within the Talladega wetland. Below are data from our on-site meteorological station.

Over the past 17 years, air temperature at the Talladega Wetland has averaged 16.0°C. Over that time annual means have varied between 17.0°C and 15,5°C.

Talladega Wetland Annual Air Temperature, 1993-2009 bar graph

Over the course of an annual cycle, July is the warmest month (25.1°C) with January the coldest (6.5°C). The coldest single month in our record was December 2000 (2.8°C) and the warmest was August 2007 (26.8°C).

Talladega Wetland Mean Monthly Air Temperature, 1993-2009 graph

The inter-annual pattern of monthly temperatures at Talladega Wetland appears to have been rather consistent during our period of record.

Talladega Wetland Monthly Air Temperature, 1993-2009 graph